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We at Alquiler Amaya are happy to help you realize your next project. Besides our rentals we also offer various services around your house, property and pool. We have experienced professionals in each of our areas, so we can offer you the best service to make your dreams come true.

Alquiler Amaya - Cleaning Service

Cleaning Service

Our cleaning service provides professional cleaning and disinfection for vacation apartments, houses, and short-term rentals. Our experienced team uses environmentally friendly cleaning products and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure a thorough cleaning. We offer flexible cleaning schedules and take care of laundry, consumables, and facilities.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, so you can focus on your business while your guests enjoy a perfectly clean accommodation.

Need a professional cleaning service? Please contact us.

Alquiler Amaya - Pool Maintenece

Pool Care & Restoration

Our services include professional pool care and restoration for private and commercial customers. We offer comprehensive cleaning and disinfection of the water, maintenance of technical facilities, and repair and renewal of pool components. We place particular emphasis on thorough and gentle cleaning to increase the lifespan of the pool and ensure a pleasant swimming experience. For restoration, we provide individual advice to our customers and find the right solution for every need.

Our goal is to create a well-maintained and functional pool that meets the highest standards for each customer.

Need a professional pool service? Please contact us.

Alquiler Amaya - Gardening Service

Garden Design & Maintenance

Our service offering includes professional garden design and maintenance for private and commercial customers. We create individual garden concepts based on the wishes and needs of our customers and implement them with creative ideas and expertise. We also consider ecological aspects and the selection of appropriate plant species. Our garden service also includes regular maintenance such as mowing the lawn, pruning hedges and palm trees, and related measures such as waste disposal.

Our goal is to create a well-maintained and inviting garden that invites you to relax and enjoy for each customer.

Need a professional service for your garden? Please contact us.

Alquiler Amaya - Painter


Our range of services includes professional restoration of all kinds of houses. We offer a wide range of services including renovation, modernization, refurbishment of residential buildings, and repair and painting works. We work closely with our customers to consider their wishes and needs and achieve optimal results. Our experienced professionals use the latest technologies and materials, ensuring a professional and timely execution of all work.

Our goal is to make every building a unique and functional space that meets the highest standards.

Are you planning a renovation project and need a professional partner to help you implement it? Then feel free to contact us.

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o you need help from experienced professionals for renovation, painting, gardening, pool and more? Then do not hesitate to contact us. We are your partner for your next project.

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